Whitley (Bayamon) Her car was in the garage, so she must be home.
Guernsey (Parintins) Finally, the living room curtain fluttered.
Accola (Kelberg) Someone peeked out.
Caspari (Annet-sur-Marne) She obviously had something on her mind not fit for little ears. He's in the car.
Pauker (Kastsyukovichy) Hiding behind it, she said, I told you I'm fine.
Christofferso (Lanna) The clock on the dashboard glowed 8:17 a.m.
Rhude (La Playona) After one bite of rubbery bacon and egg, the front door opened.
Caiafa (Bubesheim) Sherry stood with her arms folded and glared at the truck blocking the driveway.
Louck (Sanda) He smiled and waved.
Foskett (Cappelle-en-Pevele) It was not an inviting signal.
Heffington (Saint Henry) He felt far from optimistic.
Haye (Polignano a Mare) So I have to do something.
Holder (Chinnasekkadu) Whatever happened to you on Saturday has scrambled your brain.
Sharpton (Per) You need me in court with you, more than ever.
Gantner (Mnoungou) It was a small but sweet victory, like coaxing a wild bird to eat from your hand.
Vautrin (Tirgsoru Vechi) I don't want my problems to be your problems.
Nabers (Illschwang) Please, don't come to court.
Roble (Andirin) She stayed silent.
Moatz (Demigny) He struggled for breath.
Gieringer (Morciano di Romagna) The thought of losing her felt like a body blow.
Claeys (Laranjeiras) It felt like everything romantic died and was about to be buried in the dirt of reality.
Lanzer (Dipalpur) Court was behind schedule.
Raborn (Kumane) All parties were forced to mill around the cavernous hallway and act civil.
Piacquadio (Kpandu) Sherry had never met Bob's second wife.
Verucchi (Bugko) The anxious face on the woman getting up from a bench labeled her as the plaintiff.
Petsche (Ust'-Charyshskaya Pristan') I was pregnant before I slept with him.
Raemer (Morzine) When I found out I was pregnant I panicked.
Ogunyemi (Zastavka) Bob had been hitting on me for months, so I slept with him, then told him he was the father.
Searle (Pleasantville) Frankly, I think Bob shoots blanks. Beverly went back to her seat.
Himmons (Chavdar) Sherry and Sam stared at one another, neither willing to speak their immediate thoughts.
Longie (Taurage) She was a good friend to Sharon, and a wonderful person.
Fleagle (Shakiso) I wish I'd known her better. Sherry squeezed Sam's hand and trembled.
Tazzara (Greenlawn) All concerned entered and dispersed throughout the mahogany courtroom.
Stowe (Mazinde) Finally, Sherry was called as a witness.
Byrns (Immokalee) After bravely answering them all, Sherry left the stand pale and shaken.
Richwine (Isser) Everyone left the courtroom unhappy.
Slinker (Uvaly) Bob and his lawyer stood at the end of the hall, waiting for the elevator.
Osollo (Bangs) It's so depressing. Sam untangled himself and patted her hand. I'll be quick.
Tankson (Az Zabadani) What a pair of tits... for an old broad.
Youngdahl (Saldana) She was almost the best fuck I ever had. Sam exploded.
Hellar (Vadlapudi) I took her out to the middle of the lake, and we fucked right on the cabin roof.
Crasco (Samut Sakhon) She wanted it rough, too.
Diede (Ninh Binh) I ripped a hole in her pantyhose and banged her like a bitch in heat. Sam lost control.
Britsch (Oltintopkan) Then Sam sent him flying backwards with a knee to the chin.
Engelbach (Winneconne) A toilet flushed and a stall door creaked open.
Rydel (Traian) He stood paralyzed by hate and shame.
Beeler (Lao Cai) My mum was out with friends and said she wouldn't be back until late.
Deputy (Altdobern) My dad had left about six months earlier and it was her first real night out for ages.
Shiliata (Cosina) She just said don't wait up as she was going to have a big night and let it all hang out and enjoy herself.
Brekke (Perafita) The football finished and I put some music on.

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